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IREN2 serves as a test-bed for investigating technical and economic aspects of novel (distribution) network structures and their operational management. The predecessor project IRENE opened up new areas of research and development, which can now be explored in IREN2 with a well-established project team whilst building on pre-existing infrastructure. The main goals of the project are: integration of operational management and market, proof of the feasibility of micro-grids and micro-grids as topological power plants.

The project will commence on July 1st 2014 and has a duration of 3 years and 9 months.

Within IREN2, we develop sustainable grids for the integration of renewable energy systems. For that purpose, we will realize and analyze a micro-grid prototype with islanding capabilities as well as a topological power plant prototype.




Global company ENERNET visited IREN2

October 25th 2017, a delegation of ENERNET visited our project within the scope of an evaluation for...

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