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First islanding tests

May 2nd to 4th 2016, a larger group of IREN2 researchers went for first trials within the isolated grid in Wildpoldsried’s Energy Campus. From de-energized state, the so-called blackout, the power grid was “booted” using the vegetable oil generator and thus re- supplied. In conjunction with the load bank and the battery storage first tests for stability of frequency and voltage could be successfully carried out. From blackout, no residents are concerned - the campus grid is unconnected to the local grid.

Deployment of Power Link

April 20th 2016, an additional component for the system IREN2 could be delivered. The Power Link* allows an exchange of electric power between the medium voltage and low voltage grid in both directions. Various scenarios in production and consumption can be adjusted. For example, the Power Link alternatively behaves like a battery, as a group of consumers, or as a generator - for example, as a photovoltaic or a wind turbine. Thus, attempts at any time, regardless of wind and sun, will become possible.

*A power electronics link using inverters can connect two or more seperate medium voltage AC grids with different voltages, frequencies or phase angles.

Wall design Microgrid Control Room Wildpoldsried

The control room environment for the Microcrid Manager is moving forward: On August 26th, 2015 the wall design was installed.
In September the furniture will follow, allowing from this time on a suitable presentation of the project and efficient execution of the research activities.


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