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Since 90 years the AÜW is a fixed size in most areas of the Allgäu region. More than 94.000 private households and commercial customers in the concession area are benefiting from the extensive performance and service offer of the regional power provider which employs around 300 employees.

With the guiding principle “In the region for the region” the company has set a high target itself: 40 percent of renewable energies in the Allgäu region until the year 2020. Together with its eight AllgäuStrom partners the AÜW does an important contribution to the extension of a climate-friendly, CO2- reducing and nuclear-free energy production. To name an example: These targets are concretely realized in the newbuilding and modernization of hydro power plants, the planning and realization of a wood chip heating plant and the building of solar parks in the Allgäu region. The AÜW GmbH is also engaged in wind power projects such as the Trianel Offshore-Windpark near Borkum, the Windpark Zieger near Regensburg and in the Domnitzer Windpark (Sachsen-Anhalt).

The great commitment in research projects like „AlpStore“, „econnect“, „IRENE“ or now „IREN2“ makes the AÜW GmbH to one of the most innovative Bavarian power providers for what it has been awarded several times already.

Project contact person:AÜW GmbH
Robert Köberle
Tel.: +49 (831) 2521 - 561

Further information about AÜW at: www.auew.de


During the project implementation the AÜW GmbH will be supported by her daughter company egrid applications & consulting GmbH: www.egrid.de


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