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Kempten University

Through its participation in the IREN2 research project, the goal of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten is to investigate the following topics more in detail:

  • Development of methods and concepts how to operate micro-grids with a high content of renewable energy generation interlinked as well as in island operation?
  • How can a part of the distribution grid in Wildpoldsried be extended to a demonstration micro-grid by integration of further power and IT components?
  • How to plan, set up, analyze and optimize an intelligent distribution grid by modern simulation methods?
  • How to plan and optimize micro-grids with battery storage units and extra active components in synchronous mode as well as in island operation?
  • Which components respectively which dimensioning of components is necessary to operate micro-grids optimally in island operation having a high content of renewable energy generation? 
  • Which options exist to synchronize an island grid safely and replicable to a superordinate grid in the case of distributed and inverter based power generation? 
  • Which control strategies and arrangements are necessary for stable operation of an island grid with a high voltage and frequency stability? 
  • How does the grid react by oscillations as a consequence of disturbances?
  • How to proceed with a black start of a grid consisting of distributed power generation? How does the required respectively optimal control strategy look like? 
  • Which impact has the aging of a battery storage system on the economic efficiency of a micro-grid?


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